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When Michi Gaigg and her orchestra tread into the realm of the French Baroque the audience hardly manages to remain on their seats. The rich rhythms and the transparent subtleties of the strings and woodwinds involuntarily carry the audience off into blissful spheres. (Christa Moritz)

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Drawings documenting the CD projects
„Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suites and arias from Pigmalon and Dardanus“, with Anders J. Dahlin (Haute-Contre), cpo 2020,
„Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suites from Zaïs & Hippolyte et Aricie“, Capriccio / Crystal Classics 2011 &
„Jean-Féry Rebel: Les Élémens, Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suite from Castor et Pollux“, Capriccio / Phoenix Edition 2008, new release: cpo 2014.