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Drawings by Christa Moritz, 2015-2021

To draw with Indian ink to the music of a live concert by L’Orfeo is to participate in a long drawn out reverberating musical moment. The physical und emotional reactions to music flow unhindered to the tip of the paintbrush. The result is either spontaneous and visually rather bold, similar to Jackson Pollock’s Action Paintings, or otherwise comprises of smooth lines, fit for a musical Adagio, like a deep inhalation and exhalation.
An exhibition of selected works took place in 2020 in Grein.

Audio links from L’Orfeo’s recordings are available at each of the nine galleries (see below). The order of the music examples corresponds to the drawings and these appear at minute intervals. By clicking on a drawing the light show appears with additional functions.

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I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my mother-in-law, Irmgard Bauer, and especially to my husband, Christian Moritz-Bauer for their unfailing support and the great collaboration in creating this contribution to the digital anniversary publication. (Christa Moritz, June 2021)